Fireplace Fitters in Bolton, Manchester, Stockport, Wigan and Blackpool


AK Fireplace fitters are reliable, time served, fully qualified fireplace fitters, we also fit Gas and Electric fires to the highest standard and are fully registered with Corgi reg no 217419 Corgi registered gas installers A.K. Fireplace Fitters feature on ITV's 60 minute makeover programme 2009

Fireplace fitters for Faber fireplaces

Faber Fireplaces: AK Fireplace fitters specialise in fitting Faber fireplaces and fires.

AK fireplace fitters are fully qualified corgi registered gas fitters, Corgi registration number 217419

Corgi registered fitters: A.K.Fireplace fitters are fully qualified and registered with Corgi - Reg No:217419.

Fireplace Fitters for Dru fires and fireplaces

Dru Fires: A.K.Fireplace fitters are specialists at fitting Dru fires and fireplaces.

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